Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Smart Dummies Google Hangout!

I got the information today and I completely forgot to mention the Google hangout on my blog!

Sign up for the 

Smart Dummies Google Hangout!

Friday September 23rd at 3pm CDT.*

Mark Mitchell, Mira Reisberg, Traci VanWagoner and I will be getting together and talking about Smart Dummies! Bring your questions and we'll chat. Hope to see you there! 

Find out more about Smart Dummies here: http://daniduckart.blogspot.ca/p/smart-dummies.html

Picture Book Summit 2016!

Paul O. Zelinksy, Matt de la Peña and Jane Yolen Headline 2nd Annual Picture Book Summit!

October 1st, 2016

Ticket Sales End September 22nd!

I am sorry for writing this post late, but I couldn't let you miss out this year!

Maybe you've seen people talk about the Picture Book Summit. It seems like a fun event, but why would you join an online event?  The answer is because you will learn so much! 

I haven't been able to take part in the Picture Book Summit. How do I know it's good? Because I've learned so much over the years from Julie Hedlund, Katie Davis and Emma Walton Hamilton (I don't know Laura Backes as well, but if these ladies picked her I know she's great).

Personally I've learned so much invaluable information from the 12x12 Challenge, The Complete Picture Book Submission System, and the Brain Burps About Books podcast. In fact, what I've learned has saved me countless hours and dollars. I believe something I learned from the 12x12 saved me from losing over $3500 worth of work. That's just one instance. Is a few hundred dollars worth saving you thousands of dollars and your time? You tell me.

I highly, highly recommend you take this course. But what about Smart Dummies? You could do both. What you learn at the Picture Book Summit will apply to your artwork for Smart Dummies. This event will give you both inspiration and practical knowledge to create wonderful picture books. 

Check out http://picturebooksummit.com for more information!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Smart Dummies Shop

For those of you interested I set up a Smart Dummies shop! Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for products. The money earned from this will help me keep Smart Dummies running in the future!

I included a picture of mug that I love below. I got a similar one for Revimo and I absolutely love it! It's huge and allows for a ton of coffee or tea.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Smart Giveaway

Here it is: The Smart Dummies giveaway! I need some help getting out the word on Smart Dummies. I'm offering a $20 (USD) Amazon gift card to one lucky person. Please help get the word out. If this turns into a really big event I'll be able to give out more next year!

Click Here to register for Smart Dummies 2016!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Smart Dummies Registration is Now Open

I meant to open the registration page at midnight! Since I'm a bit late getting this set up you can have an extra day to sign up! Registration for Smart Dummies will run through October 8th.

Mark G. Mitchell and I will be doing a Google Hangout on September 23rd at 1pm PDT.* The details and a link for registration will be sent out soon!

Please not that this prize list is not complete. I'll be adding more details soon. I have yet to confirm all the prizes.

It should be noted that Tim Egan could not post but he is sending me a wonderful prize to give away as we speak!

Find out tomorrow how you could win a $20 Amazon gift card!


Photoshop or Hero's Art Journey course (your choice) - Mira Reisberg

Make your Marks & Splashes course and 
a one-year subscription to Guest Group Critiques- Mark G Mitchell

Drawing - Tim Egan 

A review copy of "Toby"Hazel Mitchell

Torn tissue illustration - Toni Yuly

"The Egg Thief" - Lauren Gallegos

"If Kids Ruled the World" and "Manners are Not for Monkeys" David Huyck

"Get the Wiggles Out" and "Let's Cooperate" books and a signed A4 print. - Tom Heard

"Ring Around the Rosie", and an original Buddha painting on paper  - Gina Perry

*2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT, 10pm CEST. If you do not see your time zone on this list, please let me know and I'll post it here!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Preparing for Smart Dummies

This year I want people to be extra prepared for Smart Dummies. Last year I personally had problems finishing the event, because I didn't polish my story before starting. I'm posting the list of what you will need before the event starts early this year.

To win Smart Dummies you'll need a polished picture book dummy. Dummies run between 24-30 pages. Many agents/editors want more pages, so keep this in mind while working on your dummy.

Here is a quick list of what you'll need:

- Pencils/Mechanical Pencils
- Paper (Can be computer paper!)
- Erasers of all sorts
- Your polished manuscript (or strong ideas for a story if wordless)
- Access to a computer to see the posts

Things you might want to have:

- Drawing books & books on craft
- Pre-sketching
- Character Designs
- Thumbnails (tiny drawings to outline your script)
- A critique group for feedback (Contact me if you would like to join a group)
- A scanner (camera) to share your work with your group

I strongly suggest you start on planning your picture book ASAP for Smart Dummies! You do not want to be half-way through the second week with just a couple of character sketches and a really good idea. Make sure you have a solid story before you start so you don't get stuck like I did!

Pre Day 1: Have story finished. Possibly have thumbnails and character designs done.
Day 1: Doodle a lot
Day 2: Create Thumbnails
Day 4: Have character designs for all characters 
Day 13: Finish loose drawings for each of your pages/spreads.
Day 14: Step back (several feet) and analyse your drawings. 
Day 27: Have your finished spreads done.
Days 28-31: Use your remaining days to polish your finish spreads. Erase stray lines, or trace the drawings so they look clean

You have an extra day this year, so be sure to use it wisely! You can visit the Facebook group for help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/548159692008535/

Smart Dummies 2016 Badges: 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Smart Dummies Badge!

Sorry I've been a bit behind with posting. My oldest just started kindergarten this week! Obligatory cute photo.

I'm still doing a lot behind the scenes right now. I should have more free time to get the finishing touches on this event.

I was able to get the logo done for Smart Dummies today! You can get your participant badge below. Sign-up starts Thursday so keep checking back for the sign up.

Participant Badges: